CA Guest Speaker & Panel ~ NAASCA BlogTalkRadio ~ FRIDAYS @ 8pm EST



HOW TO LISTEN:  Go to SCAN BlogTalkRadio page. For the next LIVE show, under “Upcoming Broadcasts,”click the link to the upcoming show. On the episode page, at 8pm EST (show time), click the PLAY buttonin the middle of the NAASCA logo.

HOW TO CHAT:  Comments can be added below the live player on the episode page.

On Fridays:

Each Friday, NAASCA invites a special guest to speak on their LIVE BlogTalkRadio show. Guests range from Child (Sexual) Abuse survivors to advocates and healers. Wednesday shows always include panel discussions, live chat rooms and call-in support related to child (sexual) abuse.

Listen online or dial-in via telephone to listen or ask questions/participate in the discussion.

Click here for upcoming show schedule, including guests and details.