Patterns of Abuse with Kimberly McFerron


Patterns and cycles of abuse can affect us our entire lives, especially when we witness and experience it as children. In this episode, I’m joined by Kimberly McFerron, host of the Limitless Pregnancy Podcast. She shares her experience growing up as a child of divorce between parents with a volatile relationship, being date raped at age 15 and how those experiences perpetuated a pattern of abusive relationships. We talked about gaslighting in relationships, breaking those patterns of abuse, and how Kimberly began to recognize and allow good things to happen in her life.

What’s in this episode:

  • Kimberly’s experience growing up as a child of divorce
  • How her parent’s volatile relationship affected her childhood
  • Her story of being raped at age 15 and the aftermath
  • The pattern of abusive relationships she experienced
  • The gaslighting that occurs in relationships and how to recognize it
  • Breaking cycles of abuse and why that’s important for our kids
  • Learning to accept and recognize good things after experiencing trauma
  • The importance of getting help

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