Learning that your adult child suffered child sexual abuse

What is the right thing to do or say when your adult child tells you about their sexual abuse?

Paul Colaianni, host of The Overwhelmed Brain podcast, receives a letter from a distraught mother who sees alarms in her daughter’s behavior and choices indicating that even though she is a highly-functioning adult, she clearly has not fully healed from what she went through.

Join Paul and guest, Asha Lightbearer, CSA prevention and healing advocate and Founder of The Fiona Project & Help forSurvivors.org, as they engage in an honest, heartfelt discussion about child sexual abuse, the long term effects and challenges survivors and their partners face, & guidance for the mom on how she can best serve her daughter’s well-being and support her in her journey.

Originally published July 8, 2020 on The Overwhelmed Brain.

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