REDEMPTION Season 3 Episode 4: Mary Havens and Sharon Bulawa

On today’s episode of REDEMPTION, Juliah and Staci are joined by Mary Havens and Sharon Bulawa. Mary is the author of “The Shadows in My Heart” and her and Sharon talk about their early childhood, the challenges of their upbringing and some of the darkest moments of their life. But not everything is without hope and healing. Staci and Juliah discuss how they survived and healed, their relationship with their family now, and how they came to be defined by more than what happened to them!

Buy Mary’s Book: The Shadows in My Heart: 9780692947548: Havens, Mary A., Sneyd, Lynn Wiese: Books

About MY House Matsu:

MY House is a youth drop-in center in Wasilla Alaska that assists young people in need by providing them with food, housing, job training, and other support. The MY House Podcast Network is the central hub for information about the daily goings on at MY House, and also features shows about topics related to the work done at our facility.

(Due to the nature of the work done at MY House, this channel is marked as explicit. Some topics may be triggering to survivors of drug addiction, homelessness, or sexual abuse. Listener discretion is advised.)

HelpforSurvivors claims no ownership of the podcast on this page. Podcast media files, episode descriptions and artwork provided are the property of the podcast owner. This podcast is not affiliated with HelpforSurvivors.

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