Finding Confidence & Healing through Inner Child and Inner Family work

Inner Child work is an important cornerstone for rebuilding your life after abuse. Without healing that child part of yourself, you can feel numb, depressed, and joyless. Or, conversely, you might find yourself nervous, anxious, or unexpectedly teary or fearful at inopportune times.

So let’s tackle some of the myths and fears around Inner Child work, and begin to understand what it can look like in everyday life.

In this episode:

  • Inner Child Work overview, examples, and why it’s so important;
  • two other important internal resources that we all need to develop in order to create balance and wellness in our lives;
  • what stops most survivors from embarking on inner child work; and
  • how to change fear-based narratives around doing healing work related to childhood trauma.


Special thanks to Elizabeth Sullivan at Empower Survivors for inviting me to be a guest on Conversations with Elizabeth this week. Empower Survivors has been a long time partner of The Fiona Project and our CSA healing and prevention efforts, and I am honored to be able to share with them some of the tools that I have found most useful in my own work for myself, and with others as an Alchemical Healer.

Founder/Executive Director, Empower Survivors

Elizabeth is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and rape, and the founder and director of EmpowerSurvivors, a peer-led nonprofit supporting childhood sexual abuse and rape survivors. 
As a certified peer support specialist, Elizabeth facilitates groups at EmpowerSurvivors, founded “Giving Voice” (our nation’s first survivor conference), and speaks at college campuses, prisons, Take Back The Night and other events.
​Elizabeth believes by breaking our silence of abuse and coming together as a survivor community, we can find support, healing, and aid in prevention.

bio photo of Asha Lightbearer

Alchemical Hypnotherapist & Intuitive

Asha is a CSA survivor who has been helping clients find their confidence and reclaim their lives for over two decades. Her sessions are transformative and engaging, filled with imagination and creative healing techniques like inner child and shadow work, persona posturing, and more. With Asha, healing isn’t just a process; it’s an adventure of self-discovery and empowerment.

“Creativity and imagination are the sweet spots for healing!”
~ Gita Vaid, MD, Co-Founder of the Center for Natural Intelligence

*Check out my award-winning Fiona music video for CSA survivors!

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