Sibling Sexual Abuse – 3 Survivors share their experiences and healing

Sibling sexual abuse is a particularly confusing and messy type of child sexual abuse that is prevalent, yet still often overlooked in studies and advocacy. It impacts not only the survivors, but the entire family dynamic as parents struggle to balance the needs and possible traumas of the abusing child with the needs and trauma of the child being abused.

In this episode, three survivors share their experiences of sibling abuse, including:

  • memory loss/dissociation,
  • self-blame,
  • how their family structure and events were impacted, and
  • what has helped them to heal.

Resources for Survivors of Sibling Sexual Abuse

Get support: Peer Support Group for Survivors of Sibling Childhood Sexual Abuse
This is a private Facebook group. No one outside the group can see group members or posts.

Learn more:

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